Reflected in its name, On Point’s exceptional strength is creating dynamic digital media that gets to the point, stays on point and results in turning points for clients.



Robert Hecht and Dale Harrison Miller founded On Point Productions in 1992. Uniquely combining expertise in medical multimedia production and marketing, they head up the company’s talented team of writers, animators, camera crews, editors, designers and programmers. As principals, they collaborate in all phases of program development, from concept through final editing, maintaining hands-on involvement in every project.

Bob’s medical production background began at Stanford University School of Medicine, where he headed the Department of Instructional Media. Dale has an extensive background in marketing, sales and visual design. Prior to forming On Point, she was an advertising account executive in San Francisco.

Mission statement

On Point does not consider a project complete until the client is thrilled.


On Point’s clients have full ownership rights to all production elements created for their projects.