Medical Device Animation Video Project

by On Point
Oct 6, 2013

Recently, we on the On Point team had the pleasure and privilege of producing a medical device animation video for Thoratec Corporation, featuring the CentriMag blood pump.  Thoratec is a world leader in mechanical circulatory support for people with serious heart problems, including congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy.  The CentriMag blood pump is an extracorporeal circulatory support device providing hemodynamic stabilization in patients in need of cardiopulmonary support.  It uses Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) Technology.  Our job was to create an animated piece that conveyed just how impressive this technology is.

As Marc Stern, Thoratec’s Business Unit Director for Acute Circulatory Support, put it: “The main goal was to create excitement about the unique core technology behind CentriMag, both internally and with our customers.  I wanted something bold, and On Point has enough industry knowledge to know where you can be bold.” Rather than take a straight narrative approach to telling the CentriMag story, we crafted a fast-paced, snappy, highly edited animation treatment, with animated text graphics, 3D animations of the pump’s internal functions, and an appealing, high-energy music track.

After we delivered the finished product, Marc’s glowing testimonial moved us enough that we wanted to share it here.  Our clients are in the business of creating revolutionary products that have the potential to change others’ lives for the better, so being highly effective in our job is crucial.  Our ability to understand each client’s intentions and craft a polished finished product that sends an “on point” message is of incredible importance.  We’re committed to giving each and every client the kind of experience Marc described.  We believe it makes a difference – not just in our business, but in the world.

Marc says:

On Point’s treatment of the animated text was daring, but I trusted their vision, and the feedback I’ve gotten from the field is that their approach is indeed ‘on target.’  The pace of the animation, the style and music of it, all came together to address my desire to make the technology look ‘cool.’   I appreciated that how On Point listened to my goals for this piece, and had the tool kit to deliver. 

“One of the things I was excited about was the multi-purpose nature of the video. Because it’s so short, and deliberately does not have narration, the intent was to be able to use it in all sorts of situations: on a laptop, an iPad, using it in front of a customer, emailing it to a customer, in PowerPoint, for internal sales presentations, as well in as large screen HD presentations. 

“At our annual sales meeting recently, it created a whole new refreshed attitude about the product. People said, ‘Wow, we need more excitement like that!’ It created a brand new perception of a product that’s actually been around for a few years. It breathed new life into the product.

“I had put this project out to bid with a number of companies, and I chose On Point based on their presentation and proposal, and the trust my colleagues have felt about On Point over the years. And On Point lived up to that and was ‘as advertised!’”

Check out the piece Marc’s referring to below!